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Bigger Than Bigger.

Frustrated your phone screen is too small to enjoy serious content?

Let's face it. That tiny screen is no way to enjoy a feature film or your favourite TV Show

Introducing ViewBoost™

Simply Slide Your Phone in, Sit Back, And Watch the Magic Happen.

  • Ultimate Clarity = Unlimited Comfort

    No more Awkward Positions and Uncomfortable Angles. You won't be squinting anymore.

  • 12 Inches Of WOW.

    12 Inches of Screen Estate is Just What You Need For The Ultimate Viewing Experience

  • StereoScopic Technology Keeps it Crispy

    Stereoscopic Technology Magnifies Your Display Without Any Drop In Quality.

Beautiful Wood Finish.

Precision Wood Work Along With A Revolutionary Stereoscopic Display Result In an Object Thats Not Only Thin and Light But Remarkably Tough and Durable.

ViewBoost™ 2.0

We've Made It Even Better

  • Magnetic Latches

    The 7 Fold Magnetic Lining Allows the Stand to Stay Upright and allows ViewBoost™ to stay Closed When Not In Use.

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Upgrade your Sound to The Next Level Too.

Our UltraBass Bluetooth Speaker Proves that Incredible Sound Doesn't have to be Over Priced.

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